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Welcome to Direct CabCall:

Direct CabCall provides drivers and passengers the only Taxi Cab and Fleet Services app that services everyone worldwide. Our patent pending Automatic Activation gets you service provided there is at least one driver and one passenger locally logged-in anywhere on Earth. For worldwide service passengers can use Direct CabCall UNIVERSAL. When travelling, step off your airplane, tap the green Service Light, and your cab is on its way "in ten seconds or less."
Or, use a Private Label custom app "Powered by Direct CabCall" that serves only local drivers and passengers.

We've got you covered locally and worldwide! THE "TAXI CAB TECHNOLOGY GAP" IS OVER!

Big city, one-horse town, worldwide - same great service. "It's About Time!" You have my word on it.


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Get the "Powered by" Direct CabCall App with your Logo.
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Now you can provide service to various entities in your geographical region:

ENTITIES: Taxi Cab companies, Limousine, or other For-Hire companies. Also, any size Metropolitan, Town, Village, University, College, Private Business entity, Organization, Auto Dealer, or Auto Rental company.

  • Our Private Label “Powered by Direct CabCall” app with your logo:Servicing your various entities within a geographical region. (Generally, a U.S. state, or Province).
  • What entities can create a Fleet Account? Taxi Cab companies, Limousine, or other For-Hire companies. Also, any size Metropolitan, Town, Village, University, College, Private Business entity, Organization, Auto Dealer, or Auto Rental Company.
  • You will have an administrative dashboard and access to all entity accounts & profiles.
  • We recommend offering entities a 1st month at $49.00 that includes a 6-12 month Free Trial.
  • After a Trial Period each entity is subscription billed monthly with receipts split evenly between Direct CabCall, LLC and your company.
  • Direct CabCall will not advertise or market in your geographical area, nor provide a Private Label to any other company in your geographical area.
  • Using your website interface an entity signs-up.
  • Passengers or Drivers can sign-up on your website or after downloading,by using the “powered by” Direct CabCall app with your logo.
  • Drivers are authorized by receiving an auto-generated Fleet Number.
  • Passengers and drivers download, create their profile and have immediate service.
  • Automatic Internet Dispatch: As always, the complete booking is done "in ten seconds or less!"
  • All passenger and driver accounts work in their local area.
  • Must be 100% Free to your passengers and drivers; only the entities pay a monthly subscription.
  • Fleet Account Number that allows their drivers to sign-up. So, entities can set their own "Ride Safe" driver procedures, standards, and criteria.
  • Individual Fleet Profile Management. Entities just log into their Fleet Account (from your website) to: edit profile, display their logo or seal to passengers, allow any passenger to use "E-Hail All Drivers" to locate their listed company, logo or seal, and rates, then order from their company with one tap. From their Fleet Profile they may also: view driver's trip histories, view and edit driver profiles, deactivate or delete any driver account from their Fleet Profile.
  • Enable, disable or deactivate any driver account from their Fleet Profile Management page.
  • State-of-the-Art Fleet Account Security: turn new driver accounts "on" or "off." Receive automatic emails or text messages with each new driver account. Change any compromised Fleet Account Number at any time.
  • Website "Fleet Documents" tab for public to search for their company, company documents, and drivers to verify your company is operating lawfully in their jurisdiction.
  • Backend service & maintenance by Direct CabCall. Limited time $100 monthly fee applies.
  • End service at any time with no obligations.
  • See: Terms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRefund Policy.

For Details Contact:
Terry Reed
Include in Subject Line: “Private Label Inquiry”